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5 differences between draft kvass and regular bottled kvass


1. Naturality.

In draft kvass, preservatives are not added to increase the shelf life and artificial ingredients. Therefore, it has a natural taste and odor.                       

2. Technology.

Live draft kvass is never pasteurized, unlike bottled kvass. Pasterurization refers to heating and rapid cooling. As a result of such processing, fermentation stops, which makes the taste of the drink change not for the better, and some of the useful substances are lost. 

3. The expiration date.

5 days - this is how long a real live kvass can be stored. If you are holding a bottle with a term of a month or six months, you can be sure that you have chosen a pasteurized product. This storage time is also achieved by adding chemical preservatives. 

4. The storage conditions.

Live kvass is poured into sealed kegs, so it retains its original taste. Plastic has a porous structure that allows oxygen to pass through. As a result, the taste of the drink deteriorates. Plastic containers can be useful to pour into it draught kvass and bring home, but not for long-term storage. 

5. Advantage.

Live draft kvass contains lactic acid bacteria and amino acids. By its effect on the body, it is similar to yogurt or kumis. It is only such a live kvass that is recommended by the Ministry of the health of the Russian Federation in the guidelines even for a quote: "speedy recovery of the donor's body". 

There is no doubt that draft kvass is the best. The technology of its preparation excludes pasteurization and the addition of preservatives. It has a pleasant barley taste, beautiful color, and malt odour. Unclarified and unfiltered drink-even tastier and more useful!

This is the kind of kvass produced in Penza for more than 50 years by the only company – ZAO Istok.